Have any unsold crafts you don't mind donating to a good cause?

This post is on behalf of my best friend Kristin.

Dear Crafty Friends:

I am hoping that you can help my fundraising efforts by donating one or two of your craft items to my craft page and craft fair. I have a FB and an Etsy page and will also be holding a craft fair in the DC area. If you are interested I would love if you could send me a picture of the item(s) to my email address, kristingoree@gmail.com. Also I ask that you cover the shipping cost to the buyer if your item is purchased. Please indicate suggested sale price as well.

Potential donation items:

Any handmade craft item, art, photography, baked good, gift certificate, or credit to an Etsy shop. Please let me know if you have other suggestions.

All of your craft donations are tax deductable and I can send you a receipt for tax purposes.

I really appreciate any help that can be given towards the craft fair!



FB Craft Page:


Etsy Craft Page:


My fundraising page:


Sacramento Area Crafters: TEAM needs your help.

My bestie, Kristin, a Sacramento native who recenly moved to D.C. is participating in charity triathalon.  She and her husband Jason have to rasie 3700 bucks and she needs our help.

 Want to donate?  Please read her message below.

Last week I lost my grandma, Ellen Reaves, to a long battle with lung cancer. My grandma has always been such a big supporter of my weight loss and fitness goals. She was so proud of me when I did the Lake Tahoe bike ride last year. This year, Jason and I are racing our first triathlon and now we will now be racing in my grandma's memory. One of the great things about the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is that they believe a cure to blood cancers will lead to a cure to all cancers, including the lung cancer that my grandmother had. We would greatly appriciate your support in finding a cure to all cancers!

Jason and I are also racing in honor of Kat Hollowell. Kat is the best friend of Jason's sister Brianne. They became friends at a young age when the families were living in the Bay Area. Kat was diagnosed with Leukemia as a child and is a survivor. Now she is married and just had her first child a few weeks ago.

We've been training for just under 3 months, and the triathlon is 40 days away! We still have $3700 to raise in order to compete and just under 4 weeks. We are asking for your help by contributing $10 to our efforts. More information is available at the link below but we are looking for sponsors of each leg our tri! As a sponsor we will swim, ride or run with your name, knowing that you are supporting us on this journey. We will also add a sponsorship section showing which leg of the race you are supporting us through!

Suggested Leg Donation Amounts:

1500m Swim - $15

40k Bike - $40

10k Run - $10

Full Tri - $65

We've really been enjoying our experience so far with swimming, biking and running. Last Tuesday I got past a big wall with swimming and swam 1500 meters! This Sunday we are having our first open water swim at a lake and we get our wetsuits! Jason also sees the biggest improvements with swimming as well. He says that he can now breathe on both sides and doesn't get out of breath. We've also seen some of the most beautiful scenery on the East Coast, including parks and creeks in DC that a nice get away from the city.
Being a part of TNT has also helped Jason and I make new friends with similar interests in our new environment! Thank you so much for all your support along this journey. We will keep you updated with our training efforts!