Change in plans

Hello everyone.... life has been kicking my ass. As such, I haven't had time to even think about a place to meet. Also, Mondays are out. Is anyone opposed to doing an afternoon thing on the weekend? Perhaps on sunday? Holla at yo' girl!

Etsy Treasury! 8-12-09

Check it out!

First meeting, first Monday of September. Location and time, TBA.
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Looking for something to do on Thursdays?

Downtown Sacramento Partnership Announces New Weekly Crafters Market
"I HEART ART" is the name of the new weekly Downtown Sacramento Partnership crafters markets that will begin Thursday, Aug. 6, at Cesar Chavez Plaza, from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Vendor fees are $20 per day, with free booth fees for Aug. 6 and 13. Insurance is extra. For more information, contact Annie Stuckert, events manager, at 916.442.8575 or

More info on the I HEART ART event:

From Annie

Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor at “I HEART ART.”
Starting Thursday, August 6, the Downtown Sacramento Partnership will be hosting local artists and crafters in Cesar Chavez Plaza every Thursday from 10am – 2pm. Space is available on a first come first serve basis in Cesar Chavez Plaza. Set-up begins at 8am and breakdown begins at 2pm. Tables, chairs and tents will not be provided by the Downtown Sacramento Partnership.
To become an “I HEART ART” vendor you must complete the attached application and submit the application along with all necessary submittals (payment, a copy of your sellers permit and a copy of a certificate of insurance for $1,000,000.00 with the Downtown Sacramento Partnership named as additionally insured) to me either by fax, email or in person the Wednesday before you plan to participate.

If you need help in obtaining liability insurance you can apply through a special program with the Downtown Sacramento Partnership’s insurance provider. Please see the attached information sheet and application. If you are interested in this program please fill out the ENTIRE insurance application and send it back to me ASAP. I will then send it to our provider and they will contact you and help you through the process. The insurance that you will receive through this program is good for an entire year and can be used at any event.

Thank you again for your interest in “ I HEART ART.” We are extremely excited about having crafters and artists in Cesar Chavez Plaza every Thursday. It is a wonderful location full of shade and tons of foot traffic from surrounding businesses. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.


So I decided to change how I was going to use the Sacramento Craft Collective.

1. The etsy account will no longer be used for selling my stuff. It will be used for creating treasuries of craft made by people in Sacramento. I'll set up a new etsy for myself.

2. I want to start a monthly meet up, much like the Sac Craft Mafia had but not so much about the business stuff. It's more about making the contacts so that ideas and information can be exchanged.

3. Suggestions: Where would be a good place and what would be a good day/time?

4. This Blog- It won't belong to one person. I'd like to be able to get contributors who want to share some info about craft fairs, meet ups and other craft minded topics. I'd love for this blog to become the sort of a giant bulletin board for crafty happenings in Sac. ( A lofty goal, I know.)

Want to be contributor, lemme know!

Glitter and Grunge/Lollishops Design Team Call for Artists

Glitter and Grunge/Lollishops Design Team Call for Artists

Glitter and Grunge and Lollishops are thrilled to annouce that we will be taking applications for our very first DESIGN TEAM! Are you an artist? Do you make amazing things from vintage or upcycled materials and are you looking for some new challenges? Look no further! You do not have to be a member of either site to apply, so don't hesitate!

:::::The Details:::::

1. and Glitter & Grunge Design Team is a 3 month term. Every month, for three months, Five Design Team Members will be sent a special Inspiration Kit in the mail. The Design Team Members then have that month to come up with a project, make it, photograph it and then post it on their blog on the first of each month. The team members can also sell it in their LolliShop/Glitter & Grunge shop or have a giveaway on their blog.


2. LS and GG will then post all the Team Members' projects on the official blogs with the pictures and links to the team members' blogs and shops. will have 5 Design Team members and Glitter & Grunge will have 5 Design Team members. There will be 3 new Design Team Members every 3 months:

January, February, March The Winter Team
April, May, June The Spring Team
July, August, September The Summer Team
October, November, December The Fall Team

Right now, we are taking applications for the Fall Team for both and Glitter and Grunge. We are using the same application so if you fill it out, you could be chosen for either website. The team will get sweet, girlie, shabbyish, Victorianish, whimsical kits and Glitter and Grunge members will get kits that are less girly, but still sparkle, and have a vintage, modern edge to them.

::::::Here is the APPLICATION::::::<-------CLICK

3. The purpose of Design Team is to generate a sense of community spirit and excitement. It is a cross promotional tool used for the marketplace to support and promote individual artists and for the artists to support the marketplace. It is a way to set our niche marketplaces apart from other selling venues. It is our desire to showcase the unique talents and abilities of the vendors that call Glitter and Grunge and home. Not only are they great places to shop, but also places to learn new ideas.

*There are more details on the Application