December Craft Faire on the cheap!

Hey there crafters! I manage the SactoMetro Etsy Street Team, a group of about 20 etsians in the greater Sacramento area ( I was able to work with a local elementary school in North Natomas to organize a craft faire for Saturday, December 5th. Booth fees will be $25, and the school will provide tables and chairs.

They will also open up on Friday night to let us set up, provide volunteers to help if needed, and advertise it to all of the parents of the students in the takehome materials since the booth fees are a fundraiser for the PTA. The school will be providing final details (booth size, total number of booths available, PayPal payment information) to me soon, and I'll post them as I receive them.

This school is a great location as it's in a residential area with lots of homeowners, is next to 2 dog parks with lots of daily visitors, and is close to Elkhorn/Highway 5/99 as well as 80. I expect a good turnout and even I can afford $25. :)

Nice to "meet" everyone!


  1. Count me in! would I be able to share a table?

  2. I may have another event that day, but if not, I'd love to come!