Meet-up! Today

See you there!

Peet's on j and 37th @ noon.
I'll be wearing a red sweatshirt.


  1. yeah.....was there til 1:44. Only person to show.
    On the bight side, I finished a hat, started another and got an appilcation for peet's as they are hiring.

  2. I am very sorry, my photo shoot ran long....I would like to try again, I'll be out of town nov. 12-17 (about). I am also quite confused about which etsy team this actually is?? Maybe you could clarify. thanks, debi

  3. What I was envisoning was something more causal that wasn't restricted to etsy folks. I figure the more of us who know each other, the more information about random craft stuff can be shared. I figured a monthly meetup would help faciliate that. It could turn into a street team, but whats the point in starting street team if I can't get more than two people in the same place at the same time?

    I've looked in to submitting the team app to etsy but wanted to see how this who meet up thing turned out.

    There is a Sac Metro Team already in place. Actually if you want to find out more, I reccommend checking out their blog, which is featured on my blog list.

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  5. Maybe you could tell everyone a little about yourself and interests and explain like you did above on the invitations. Good luck with this.